'Army Time Memoir'

Solo Exhibition of Mustafa Boga selected as one of the three Highly Commended Artists from the 2018 Ashurst Art Prize

October - April 2019 at Emerging Artists Gallery at Liverpool Street Station

Photographs by Federico Redaelli at Photopoise https://www.photopoise.com




‘Army Time Memoir’ is a series of work by Mustafa Boga.


He is an MA Fine Art Graduate from Central Saint Martins, based in London. Boga’s conceptual approach derives from themes of gender identity, sexuality, and socio-political issues related to his country of origin, Turkey. His practice varies from installations to photography, and performances. 

In this show, he playfully investigates through a range of archival material he carefully collected through years of his travels back and forth from London to Adana, his hometown. His digital collages, although humorous, challenge Turkish authorities, especially the military service in Turkey.

He uses the colour pink to create a narrative to emphasise on his struggles regarding authorities and their view on homosexuality. In creating eccentric environments, such as trivial guarding acts of inanimate objects, he pictures the absurdity of the situation.

Boga’s self-portraits and classified identification documents all together add a layer of subtle oddity which makes the viewer wonder what they are looking at.

Mustafa Boga: "My self-portraits are mode of personal ‘dis-identification’. The sameness and repetition,

and the changes and variations among four poses are taken to trace a connection between masculinity and

femininity, power and discipline, feeling of anticipation and displacement."

Curator: Roshanak Khakban




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