Depictions of Living; art and activism in the time of climate crisis; 

a group exhibition of more than seventy artists investigating the severity of the issue, at The Art Pavilion,

Mile End 


Private View: 23 - 28 January 2020

Depictions of Living will feature more than seventy artists exploring topics surrounding climate breakdown exhibited alongside artefacts from protest movements, connecting the art world and environmental movements, enmeshing art and activism in a contemporary gallery space. Ecological breakdown necessitates a wide range of approaches to encourage action. The transformative capacity of art to change society is something to be championed.

The exhibition will host a range of associated talks and workshops from organisations and speakers such as Client Earth, Women’s Environmental Network, Extinction Rebellion and Martin Wilks - a chartered psychologist looking at obstacles to change, as well as a family day devoted to creative and educational activities hosted by Little House of Science. All events are free.


Instagram: @depictionsofliving

Exhibiting artists:

Alexandre Dang / Alisa Ruzavina / Amanda Lwin / Amy Corcoran/ Andrew Denton / Annika Kadike / Anna Stroe / Aurora Sarpe / Ben Hancocks/ Bob Bicknell-Knight/ Brigid Vidler / Celyn Bricker / Chloe Uden and Naomi Wright (The Art And Energy Collective)/ Crow Dillon-Parkin / Darren Cullen / David Haley / Dominique Cro / Elissa Brunato & Christoph Dichmann / Ellen Mueller / Emilie Alstrup / Faye LU / Freya Freeman-Taylor / Georgina Maxwell / Gerald Marie-Nelly (Mr Geez) / Guy Austin / Heather Brand / Helen Grundy / Hong Yane Wang & Hua Wang / Ian Costello / Jared Krauss / Jeff KO / Jenny Kendler & Jeremy Bolen / Kanerva Lehtonen / Katherine Lovett / Kypros Kyprianou & Roland Denning / Lauren Darn (SubmergedUK) / Lauryn Axelrod / Lee Bamsey & Madeline Herbert / Linda Vuorenvirta / Ling Tan / Lotta Barlach / Lucy Crump / Luke Myers / Mandeep Dillon / Mariah Blue / Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier / Meghan Moe Beitiks / Miguel Sbastida / Mihaela Mihaylova / Morfydd Ransom-Hall / Muge Yildiz / Mustafa Boga / Neno Belchev / Nerissa Cargill Thompson / Nicolas Depetris / Nina Lassila / O. Yemi Tubi / Patricia Mulligan / Paula Morison / Penelope Cain / Penny Hartley / Rebecca Moss  / Roos van Geffen / Rora Blue / Rosa-Maria Nuutinen / Samuel Ivan Roberts / Sara Rodrigues & Rodrigo B. Camacho / Saskia Boelsums / Serena Porrati / Spike Dennis / Subash Thebe / Zlatan Hadzifejzovic

Curated by: Roshanak (Roshi) Khakban // Samuel Ivan Roberts

Depictions Of Living - Panoramic 3.JPG
Depictions Of Living - Panoramic 2.JPG
Banksy Bonhams.png

'Save or Delete Jungle Book', by Banksy 2001

Bonhams: "The present lot was commissioned by Greenpeace for their 'Save or Delete' campaign to highlight the problems of global deforestation and combat the illegal trade in logging. The original art work features some of the main characters from Disney's 'The Jungle Book' which were then transposed on to a photographic image of a devastated forest for the campaign. This new image was intended for use on Greenpeace posters, billboards and postcards, which were printed but never put into circulation because of the protectionist policies at Disney. "

Click here for the full article

*This work was lent to be shown from Greenpeace for Depictions of Living exhibition*

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